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****Check out our Litters page for a June 2016 litter****


About Us

ChaHar's is a small hobby kennel that is run by a Father/Daughter team living in 2 different areas of
New Hampshire. We love our dogs as pets first and enjoy showing with them when we can. They live with
us in our home and are very much a part of everything we do. If we do not have at least one dog under foot
at all times we are looking to see what they are getting into. Through the years of selective breeding and
limited showing we have been very successful. It is a constant learning experience that we enjoy. We have
gotten to know many people and have learned a bit from each person always keeping the main goal in mind… To
better the breed. ChaHar's began with Miniature Pinschers and the love of the Australian
Shepherd has grown and taken over the house!

We show in many different venues all over New England and even into Canada. The experience is always a
rewarding one. We recommend anyone looking at breeding to embrace this experience to better their breeding
program, meet other reputable breeders, and to socialize their dogs. We believe in healthy minds as well as
healthy bodies. We believe that puppies and adults should be well socialized with people, other dogs, and other
animals to ensure a long happy healthy life. If you come to a show in our area and see us at a show, don't hesitate
to come up and talk to us. We love talking dogs!!!!!

We believe in minimal vaccinations and feeding an all raw diet with limited supplements. It started out because

of health issues with one dog and the benefits to all the dogs can not be denied. We feed Chicken, Turkey, Duck,

Pork, Beef, Tripe, Fish, raw meaty bones, and a variety of organ meats. We recommend it to anyone willing to try.


ChaHar's Club Affiliations:

Australian Shepherd Club Of America, Inc.
Australian Shepherd Club Of New England
United States Australian Shepherd Association, Inc.
Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association

ChaHar's Kennel Info:
E-mail: ChaHarKennel@aol.com
AOL IM: ChaHarKennel

Suncook & Rochester, NH