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Here at ChaHar's be breed on a very limited basis. Usually once every couple of years. When we do breed; we mainly breed for
our next show prospect. Every breeding we do is researched and discussed with other experienced breeders to ensure that we
are producing healthy puppies of mind and body. We go over pedigree's, physical traits of both parents, temperament traits, health
information at length and make the best choice for a stud dog that will compliment the dam's traits. We do not believe in last minute
breeding plans. Most of our breedings are months; if not years in the making. All of our dogs obtain their health screenings long before
being bred. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for evaluation of Hips and Elbows, Eyes checked yearly by a board certified
opthomologist for hereditary eye issues, DNA Testing for Pelger Huet, MDR1, and the HS4 gene.

We believe in happy; healthy minds. Temperament is our number one concern when breeding. If a puppy can not be a family pet
because of temperament issues then no one is happy. A lot of effort goes into breeding a litter, but a lot more goes into raising the
puppies the right way to ensure each puppy reaches their mental and physical potential. We expose the puppy to mental and
physical stimuli at all stages of their lives. Starting at birth to the day they leave with their new family.

We raise our puppies on a raw diet with minimal vaccinations. We believe starting out with a healthy lifestyle leads to a longer
life for your puppy. We will aid anyone who wants to try this lifestyle with their pups and be the best resource we can along the
way. We do not shun people who do not want to continue this with their puppies but will help to suggest healthier alternatives
instead. Just like humans… You are what you eat and how you take care of yourself.

When you buy a puppy from us you become a part of the family. We are their 24/7 to help out in any way we can; and to answer
any questions you may have. We care about each puppy that leaves our home and stay in contact throughout the dogs life.
You aren't just buying a puppy… you are gaining a support network that will be there whenever you need.


When inquiring about a puppy please fill out the questionnaire below and send it back to us. We use this as a tool to help chose
which puppy would fit best into each families lifestyle. I know it may seem like a lot, but our first priority is the puppies. Do you
want to buy a puppy from a breeder who only asks for a check and hands the puppy over as soon as legally possible to get them
out the door? Never to be heard from again?

We as breeders are obligated to make sure that each puppy and family are suited for each other. Not only for the well being of the
puppy, but for the happiness of the family adopting them. We want to make sure that each puppies needs are met as well as the families
needs and wants of their puppy. We keep a waiting list for an up coming litter and as the puppies grow help to evaluate what those
puppies will be like as adult dogs. We DO NOT sell on a first come/ first serve basis. We do aid in the process and by 8 weeks of age the
final evaluations are made and the decision process for the families begins. When it comes to Color and Sex preference we try the best
we can to place you with a puppy of your liking. If there is no puppy of that color/sex preference, or the puppy who is would not fit your
life style, then please be open to the experience of a puppy that may be a better fit. We have many years of breeding experience. We
live every moment with each puppy and use that experience to ensure the perfect match. Just because the puppy is the perfect
color you wanted will not make you happy if they are to hyper or to sensitive and in the end it does not end up working out because
the temperament did not match your life style.


Our Prices:

Pet/Companion -

All pets are sold on a spay or neuter contract. The price is $1,800.00. Any dog that has been deemed a "Pet"
does not mean there is anything wrong with the puppy. They are not a lesser quality or damaged. What it means is that this
particular puppy does not have the desired genetic physical traits that would be good to pass on in a breeding program or to
be shown in a conformation ring. This does not hold the puppy back from being a perfect companion or performance dog. I have
had some of the best temperament evaluations on puppies that were deemed as "Pets."


All show puppies are sold on private contracts that differ with each dog and each individual.

Why so much you ask?

A lot of time and effort goes into the making of a dog or bitch that is even worthy of being bred. The sire and
dam go through Evaluations/Showing/Health Checks/Training to ensure that the puppies produced are of the best quality.
Prenatal care for the dam, care and time that goes into the puppies, Puppy health and temperament checks before they even
leave my home are all done with every litter. This can range into the thousands of dollars. Breeding in itself is not cheap,
and most breeders who do it the RIGHT way don't make much money; if any. It is a labor of love. We do it for the love of the
breed. But we mostly do it to see the joy and love on a families faces when they pick up that puppy that they have wanted.
Knowing that I have done everything in my power to make sure that family will have a happy and healthy puppy for as long as
possible. It breaks my heart to have people come to me and tell me they bought there puppy from an unrepeatable breeder and
now have to make a choice about the life of their pet because the breeder did not do health checks, did not socialize the puppies, did
not do everything they could to ensure the well being of their puppies. Sadly it has happened to me more times then I care to
admit. Yes, you may pay less money at a pet store or unrepeatable breeder, but all to often you make up for it in excessive vet bills,
training costs for temperament issues, and not to mention the heart ache you and your family go through in the process. Wouldn't
it just have been better to start out the right way?